Best CBD Oil Stores in Castro Valley, CA

Choosing the best place to get CBD oils is not so easy as you think.  Especially if you want to make sure you’ll get your RX’s medications by the best price. We compared prices and analyzed unbiased reviews on more than 50 CBD stores in Castro Valley, CA and chose these four.

Valley Vape Club
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.8
Customer feedback:

Valley Vape Club‘s service it’s extremely slow doesn’t matter if its drive-thru or insider the store. They need to improve their process.

I have so many good things to say about this pharmacy, I don’t even know where to begin. Someone had suggested I try them bc the price of my prescription had skyrocketed, plus for some reason, the specific generic brand my Dr. wants me to take is so darn hard to find. (Sooo frustrating!) I never considered using a small pharmacy before-I guess I “assumed” their prices would be much higher and that they would have far less service (?!) However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth . This pharmacist has one of the most caring, kind hearts I have ever experienced. First of all, not only was he able to get the generic brand I needed, but he also beat the price of the ONE place in all of Katy that ever had it, AND he went ahead and ordered enough to cover months down the road so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it not being available. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part-delivery. YES, no joke, they offer free (FREE!) delivery. (Who does that?! Really?!) The first time I went to pick up my medicine there, and I got to talking with the owner and why he offers the delivery service and also where he came from. He worked several years for a big nation-wide pharmacy… said he saw such a need for elderly people who couldn’t drive anymore who either had to rely on a ride or if that wasn’t available, would have to pay for a taxi to bring them and take them back home; and sometimes they’d end up having to sit and wait for their prescriptions to be filled. This didn’t seem right to him-and working for a big company, and you don’t always have the freedom to give the personal service that you want to give. (I can absolutely understand that feeling, in my own profession). Some people go into certain fields for money, and some people do it because they truly do care. I’ve always said, why can’t you have both? When there’s plenty of competition out there, people will always choose to do business with places that make them feel valued and who are looking out for them. Well-This pharmacist CARES. I’ve said enough-you just have to experience it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 5.0
Customer feedback:

I use test strips to check my blood sugar daily. My doctor submitted a prescription for the test strips, but Seabedee refused to fill based on an “issue” with my insurance. A call to the insurance revealed that they had used an outdated drug code. Insurance sent an email, but they did not change the status until I called them. A very impatient and condescending employee finally corrected the problem. Cost difference – $119 without prescription and $11 with a prescription. Unfortunately, CVS is as bad or worse. Maybe I will try Kroger or a pharmacy in Montgomery.

Terrible service – apathetic, and disorganized. No leadership. Staff needs better management.

The Diamond Bonsai Cannabis Delivery
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.2
Customer feedback:

The Diamond Bonsai Cannabis Delivery is my favorite pharmacy and I’ve been to quite a few. Don’t know why they close that early on Saturday. The only place in the world that closes earlier on Saturday than they do during the week….stupid.

Always nice and friendly staff. The service is quick and efficient.

Castro Valley Natural Grocery
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.5
Customer feedback:

Castro Valley Natural Grocery is one of the absolute worst I’ve ever been to. Every single time I need my medicine refilled, they always fail in one way or the other. They are recurrent refills, and I’ll get a text to pick them up, and when I come in, they tell me they don’t have it and need to order it. My Dr office has to repeatedly send orders over for refills since they don’t receive them.’ My Dr even put 90-day refills on order, and they still do a monthly supply. It’s a ridiculously incompetent pharmacy staff at this location.

Brought an employee by for a walk-in prescription. They could see that he was in a decent amount of pain, and they moved his order to the front of the line. They took the time to explain and make sure he knew the directions and then reviewed his other meds with him to make sure no interactions. I know they are supposed to review, but most places usually just glance over the ‘any other meds’ question and don’t seem interested.